Don’t say it…expense reports.  Ahh the dreaded task of combing through all those lines of expense, looking for receipts, matching up cost, and asking yourself over and over again…where did these per diem rates come from?

Unanet has an answer to that one…

Can you say, “Rate tables?”  Yes, this is the answer. No more looking on the GSA website for the location and the per diem rate for the days of travel.  Unanet allows us to upload all the per diem rates for CONUS and OCONUS.  Music to my ears and for yours as well.

The rates are included in the wizard for per diem for expense reports.

Ok, this is not a guy in a pointy hat with a wand, but a way to direct your users to creating usable and understandable lines on their expense reports. “What about day of travel?” you say. No problems there either. The user can specify if the day qualifies and viola, 75% reduction included.

Once the user identifies the location, the per diem rate comes up and then they are off to the races finishing expense report lines with ease.

Now let’s move onto meals.  Yes, it’s close to lunchtime for me but I’m talking about meal expense reports. Our wizard has answers for us there too!

Swish, swish with the wand and now the user needs to fill in number served and names for attendees.

Wait, did they just put “people” and some random number? No problem! Keep going with that spell, disapprove that expense report until the recipe is just right.

Whether it’s per diem, meals, airline expense, or lodging, Unanet has the guy in the pointy hat behind the scenes and can help direct your employees to produce just the right mix of time and effort to produce a winning expense report for all to see (especially, those pesky auditors)!

Do you have questions about expense reports in Unanet? Start with us! govIRG experts can help. We are passionate about the success of our clients!