NASA Wants Your Ideas…As Long As They’re “Game Changing”

NIAC: NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program Aims to “Change the Possible” in Aerospace

The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program is designed to help foster and cultivate new and/or improved aerospace technology.

NASA’s website provides the following description: “The program seeks innovations from diverse and non-traditional sources and NIAC projects study innovative, technically credible, advanced concepts that could one day “change the possible” in aerospace.”

NIAC funds studies in the following areas:

·  Space Travel

·  Living in Space

·  Materials

·  Manufacturing

·  Robotics

·  Instruments

·  Computing

The NIAC is a “visionary concept” program, so as long as your idea(s) can be determined as technically credible and display the possibility of producing a new and worthy technology or process, then take the time to look into this forward thinking platform.

Entrepreneurs and Innovators across the country need to take advantage of this amazing NASA initiative to remove the “red tape” and difficulties of bringing never before discovered aerospace concepts to realization!

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