Congratulations! You have been awarded a GSA Schedule and are now a government contractor.

So, what happens next? Compliance…

Compliance is often an undervalued assignment for small businesses, but when working through government contracts, this facet of your business operations and administration is a must. Besides fulfilling the product and/or service contract that your company just won, you’re also responsible for adhering to any and all regulations.

Common Questions:

· Which regulations are associated with my contract?

· What databases/portals/registrations do I need to stay current on?

· Do I need to make my price list public information?

If your business doesn’t require a fulltime government compliance officer, or if you simply don’t have the knowledge base in-house to perform compliant related tasks, Arrowhead Solutions, LLC can offer you consulting services that fit your needs. Nothing more or less.

Contact us today so that our Post-Award GSA Compliance Specialist can ensure your company stays on top of the essential points of contract maintenance.