Blog Carrie Grigg | Government Contracts Specialist

The General Services Administration (GSA) set October 1, 2015 as the official date to consolidate their professional services schedules into one contract, known as the PSS (Professional Services Schedule).

A few  points to know about the PSS migration:


  • If your firm holds one professional services schedule, you will do nothing until October 1.   Single schedule holders would not have received the migration letter that multiple affected schedule holders received. In August, single schedule holders will see a mass modification which they are required to accept. The mod states that effective October 1, 2015, your company will be known as a PSS firm.
  • Firms with two or more affected schedules should have received a migration letter with instructions. Your firm will also receive a notice August 1 that is effective Oct. 1, stating your firm is an official holder of the PSS.
  • Schedule holders that received a migration letter should pay attention to its details– it contains useful information to help your firm with the transition, including a reminder to upload your new catalog so customers can find your company.
  • Agencies can only find your company after you upload your new file to GSA Advantage!
  • Any firm with multiple migrations will get a new schedule number.
  • Existing contractors do not submit a new offer for additional services; they use a modification (mod). First-time applicants use solicitation 00CORP-0000C until the new PSS rolls out.

The GSA aims for the contract consolidation to increase efficiency due to the management of fewer schedules and reduced administrative costs. For further assistance with your GSA schedule, please contact Arrowhead Solutions, LLC.