The new fiscal year is upon us and proactive businesses should begin to look ahead and get a jump start in pursuing government contracts.

Whether you’re a veteran government contractor, a start-up with no clients, or an established business looking to grow through entering the government market, here are eight tips to get you off to a proper start.


1. Refine any FedBizOpps or BidMatch search engines.

These websites allow you to research historical information, find past awards and filter search agents to find current opportunities that align with your companies goals and competencies.

2. Review registration for any updates.

Stay ahead of the red tape and ensure that details are correct and up-to-date, as this resource plays a vital role within government contracting.

3. Complete or update your SBA Dynamic Small Business Search info.

If you’re a disadvantaged or 8(a) business, this self-certification database allows contract officers to find companies that meet their set aside criteria and provide them with additional, relevant information about your company.

4. Ensure your DUNS registration information is up-to-date.

This 9 digit number is used by industries and organizations around the world as the global standard for business identification and tracking.

5. Scrub your contact list and make a Q1 marketing plan.

Review and refunnel leads, contacts and past clients. Create an outreach plan for each category of prospect.

6. Update anything you’d like to showcase in your capabilities statement.

Ensure your one-pager is comprehensive and details the most current/best accomplishments your business has experienced. Also, double check accuracy of corporate data: Contact info, DUNS registration, NAICS, etc.

7. Set-up new search agents in FBO.

This feature allows search criteria to be saved and periodically renewed, allowing vendors the ability to stay current on what opportunities are being added to the system.

8. Conduct market research for the New Year.

Review published forecasts for agencies you’re interested in.


The government market and the resources required to participate are vast and sometimes overwhelming for newcomers. ArrowheadSolutions, LLC will walk you through the ins and outs and help familiarize your company with each stage of the government contracting process.

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