Yesterday, the SBA released the results and set forth the process to publish a new set of industry NAICS codes eligible for ED/WOSB set-aside contracts.

If your firm was eligible for only EDWOSB set-asides, you may find that your NAICS has been changed to WOSB. You may also find that your NAICS is no longer eligible at all for the program. And, if your firm’s NAICS have not been on the list of eligible industries, you may find that one or more of your NAICS are on the list.

Review the study here:

This change could have a negative impact on EDWOSBs who have been looking forward to set-asides under their NAICS codes.  Many have changed from EDWOSB to WOSB, therefore opening up EDWOSBs to more competition from companies who wouldn’t have been competing before.

We suggest reviewing the study and the NAICS codes that have changed to ensure that you understand if your set-asides are still intact or if they’ve changed. Note, some NAICS have been added; a good thing for WOSBs in general.