Arrowhead Solutions, LLC recently announced the addition of Kim Thorpe, our Business Development Specialist for government contractors. The acquisition of such a talented professional has allowed Arrowhead to roll out a new full-service consulting offering: Outsourced Business Development & Marketing for Government Contractors.


A recent post regarding this service was focused on why this offering makes sense for small businesses that either don’t employ in-house business development teams, or simply need the addition of tactical guidance to bolster their existing business development efforts. This post will focus more on how Arrowhead will go about assisting your company in capturing government contracts.

Basic Level Services:

-Current market assessment and/or new market identification

This process requires a minimal number of hours with you to decide which new products/services to market, and/or what current markets you want to explore.

-Identification and tracking of opportunities and contacts in the market

This service “takes the pulse” of your specified industry, follows prospects and sends alerts. Arrowhead will make recommendations for potential opportunities that are a fit, and send them via preferred method (i.e. email, phone, weekly report, etc.).

-Identification of events/conferences that could be of interest

-Refining your capabilities statement and sending it out to contacts

-Keeping up with contacts and requirements that fit your company’s offering

A big problem for smaller companies is letting contacts and forecasts stagnate and cool off. Arrowhead keeps pressing forward so you don’t lose the hard work already accomplished.

Beyond outsourcing a new set of eyes, we help build a realistic pipeline for you!

Advanced Level Services:

-Capitalizing on the list of new opportunities and customers

Arrowhead refines the list to fit your company’s strategic goals while considering the highest likelihood of a win, and then further develops relationships (to include teaming).

-Utilizing the network of POC’s (point of contact) and maturing your pipeline to steer opportunity   directly to you

Acting proactively,rather than reactively.

-Assisting in bid/no-bid decision making

-Building any new pipelines that fit your company’s goals

-Building capture strategies

-Representing you to your customers

Assistance in basic communication with customers or representation at events.

-Assist in outreach

Writing newsletters, blogs, promotional material, et cetera. Keeping you relevant to the customer.

This process begins with a meeting to determine where you think your gaps are, as well as identifying your company’s strategies for the short and long term. Arrowhead then provides a recommendation on where/how we can assist. Over time, the assistance can be altered. Every service Arrowhead provides can be obtained on an as needed basis. We often work within a company’s monthly budgeting restrictions and find a solution that works for you.

Contact us today and learn how we can assist your business in capturing government contracts.