Article Jordan Lebowitz

A common misconception in the consulting world seems to be that affordable rates and quality service don’t mix. Could a consultant that charges reasonable rates possibly be able to provide top-level support and assistance?

Of course! 

Arrowhead Solutions, LLC has set out to change the perception that excellence is only available with exuberant prices. Our rates are affordable for small businesses on tight budgets that can’t afford or don’t yet require the assistance of a full time government contract specialist. Does that mean big budget companies that choose to use out-of-house solutions for their government work wouldn’t benefit from the exact same team of experts?

Of course not! 

With over one hundred years of combined experience, our team of five specialist would be hard pressed to get outperformed by any other company. Arrowhead Solutions, LLC is the state of Colorado PTAC subject matter expert for GSA. Our value is built into our rates and often prices us out of the larger market industry…by being too affordable!

The well-known riddle –   Tale of Two Barbers –   provides an accurate representation of the invisible market boundaries consultants’ encounter.

Two Barbers Riddle Summary: (for those that aren’t familiar)

A man needs a haircut and the town he’s visiting has two barber shops directly across the street from each other. The man walks into the first shop and sees hair all over the floor, aprons haphazardly positioned and scissors out of place. The man walks across the street and into the other barber shop. The man sees a sparkling clean floor, aprons hung neatly and everything in its place. The man returns to the first shop for his haircut. The man’s thought process leads him to believe that the “dirty” shop is busier due to offering better service and therefore has less time to clean and organize.

In our version, the Barber with the clean floors, hung aprons and organized tools represent the consulting agencies that charge high rates for little work and therefore provide minimal value. The barber with the messy floors and aprons strewn about is the boutique consulting operation that is constantly engaged in their industry and leading the charge on a daily basis.

Moral of story…don’t be fooled by high rates and “clean floors” again.

Here when you need us, at rates that make sense, Arrowhead Solutions, LLC leads the Front Range in government contracting expertise by providing superior value through top-level service and reasonable rates.

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist your business in capturing, maintaining and developing government contracts.