FAR compliance is important regardless of DCAA being involved, as it is still required by your contract, and good accounting is inherent to good business practices.

Ensuring compliance related to DCAA requirements will allow your business to continue a successful relationship with the government, while avoiding: repayments, penalties, delay or loss of contract and wasted resources on administrative duties.


Arrowhead can help on an as-needed basis for:

  • Training your accountant on government accounting and indirect rate calculations.
  • Quick review of your chart of accounts.
  • QuickBooks cleanup. Accountants often leave a mess.
  • Monthly review of your rates and job costing.
  • Verification that you are collecting/paying proper sales & use tax.

If your business size doesn’t justify hiring a full-time accountant, but you require assistance two or three times a month, an as-needed government accounting specialist may be the best solution. 

Arrowhead Solutions can proactively safeguard your business from government related accounting mishaps by providing hands-on assistance or in-house training. Contact us for a free consult.