Arrowhead Solutions, a govIRG Company

Arrowhead Solutions has been a leading provider of government contracting solutions since 2009. Joining the govIRG team, we continue having  handpicked specialists that have a reputation for being trusted and successful subject matter experts at the highest levels in their field of work.

Stephanie Amend is the founder of Arrowhead Solutions; a full service solutions provider for government contractors. Ms. Amend founded Arrowhead Solutions in 2009 after holding contract management positions in both government and private industry for nearly nine years. Arrowhead was formed with the goal of providing companies with the extra knowledge and manpower they need to succeed in the world of government contracting. Specializing in capture management, proposal preparation, contract management, subcontracts, accounting and compliance; Arrowhead provides skill sets not commonly available to many smaller government contractors.

Arrowhead Solutions, LLC is headquartered in Colorado. However, Arrowhead reaches clients nationwide. As a member of the small business community, Ms. Amend is a supporter of the Colorado PTAC and advisor for the Boulder Small Business Development Center. She is a past President for the Denver Chapter of the National Contract Management Association Board of Directors. Ms. Amend is a Level II Certified Acquisition Professional and possesses a B.S.A (2001) and an MBA (2005). Stephanie also is a speaker, author and coach.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We are committed to excellence and accountable to our clients.
  • We are professionals that strive to bring value to everything we do. 
  • Our goal is to provide world-class support to our clients, forge long-lasting partnerships with them and grow a company with superior talent in an environment where everyone thrives. 
  • Our team takes pride in being part of our clients’ culture, striving to make execution of their projects efficient and successful. 
  • Our reliable and professional support is provided to our customers in ways that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Who We Are

  • Founded in March 2007
  • Mission is to support both new and experienced government contractors with unique expertise to support proposals, contracts and implementing and maintaining a solid DCAA approved framework to reduce audit risk while maximizing business case scenarios and planning for growth.
  • We possess, collectively, over a 100 years experience in contracts, proposals and subcontracts and implementing and maintaining a solid DCAA approved framework.
  • Our approach provides a well-rounded, thought-out approach.
  • We aim to match our capabilities to your needs as they change over time.